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Spring is the season when players first begin the game. It's followed by summer and preceded by winter.

In spring, the grass is green. Trees regain their leaves and bloom, and pink petals blow through the air on some days. There is also a variety of crops, forageable items, and fish which only appear during this season. Salmonberry season lasts between the 15th-18th of spring. When spring starts, new logs, rocks and grass patches will spawn on the farm.



Day Name

Calendar Flag Anim.gif Egg Festival


Calendar Flag Anim.gif Flower Dance


Day Event
15-18 Salmonberry Season


Day Villager
04 Kent Icon.png Kent
07 Lewis Icon.png Lewis
10 Vincent Icon.png Vincent
14 Haley Icon.png Haley
18 Pam Icon.png Pam
20 Shane Icon.png Shane
26 Pierre Icon.png Pierre
27 Emily Icon.png Emily


주요 문서‎: Crops

The following Crops can be grown in Spring. Note that the "Seed Price" shown is the General Store price unless otherwise indicated. "Maximum Harvests per Season" assumes no fertilizer is used and the Agriculturist profession is not chosen. "Gold/Day" assumes no fertilizer is used and the Tiller profession is not chosen. See the Crops page for the full calculation.

Single Harvest

Crop Seed Price Days
to Grow
Maximum Harvests
per Season
Sells For Gold/Day
Blue Jazz.png 푸른 재즈 Gold.png30골드 7 days 3 Gold.png50골드 Gold.png2.86골드
Cauliflower.png 콜리플라워 Gold.png80골드 12 days 2 Gold.png175골드 Gold.png7.92골드
Garlic.png 마늘 Gold.png40골드 4 days 6 Gold.png60골드 Gold.png5골드
Kale.png 케일 Gold.png70골드 6 days 4 Gold.png110골드 Gold.png6.67골드
Parsnip.png 파스닙 Gold.png20골드 4 days 6 Gold.png35골드 Gold.png3.75골드
Potato.png 감자 Gold.png50골드 6 days 4 Gold.png80골드 Gold.png5골드
Rhubarb.png 대황 Oasis: Gold.png100골드 13 days 2 Gold.png220골드 Gold.png9.23골드
Tulip.png 튤립 Gold.png20골드 6 days 4 Gold.png30골드 Gold.png1.67골드

Multiple Harvests

Note that each coffee plant produces 4 Coffee Beans at harvest.

Crop Seed Price Days
to Grow
Regrowth Maximum Harvests
per Season
Sells For Gold/Day
Coffee Bean.png 커피콩 Traveling Cart: Gold.png2,500골드 10 days 2 days Summer: 9
Spring and Summer: 23
Gold.png15골드 (x4) Traveling Cart (2 seasons): Gold.png-20.74골드
Harvested Coffee Bean/Dust Sprite (1 season): Gold.png20.77골드
Harvested Coffee Bean/Dust Sprite (2 seasons): Gold.png25.56골드
Green Bean.png 완두콩 Gold.png60골드 10 days 3 days 6 Gold.png40골드 Gold.png7.2골드
Strawberry.png 딸기 Egg Festival: Gold.png100골드 8 days 4 days Planted on 1st day of Spring: 5
Planted on day of Egg Festival: 2
Gold.png120골드 Planted on 1st day of Spring: ≈Gold.png20.83골드
Planted on day of Egg Festival: ≈Gold.png11.67골드


주요 문서‎: Foraging

The player can find the following items while foraging during Spring: Foraging


주요 문서‎: Fish

There are a variety of fish which can only be caught during specific seasons. Listed below are all fish catchable during Spring.

Fish that can be caught during all seasons are not listed.

Note: Any Fish can be used for recipes with the tag "any fish" (i.e., Sashimi.png , Maki Roll.png 마키 롤, Quality Fertilizer.png 고급 비료).

Image Name Description Price Fisher.png Fisher Profession (+25%) Angler Icon.png Angler Profession (+50%) Location Time Season Weather Size (inches) Difficulty & Behavior Base XP Used In